Corn Field

Purchasing Prices for Corn Have Increased in Ukraine.

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ODESA: The long New Year’s holidays and the active export of corn contributed to the reduction of corn stocks in ports. It became the reason for purchase prices increase in Ukraine. The sharp rise of the US dollar from 27.2 to 27.5 UAH / $ – also added about 1% to the prices of Ukrainian grain.

Purchase prices for corn in Ukraine increased from the beginning of the year by 150-200 UAH / t to 8,250-8300 UAH / t or  263-265 $ / t with delivery to the port.

Traders expect an increase in the supply of corn from the new year, so do not raise prices even against the background of delayed loading of vessels due to bad weather.

As of January 10, Ukraine exported 11.77 million tons of corn, which is 15% more than a year ago. But the rate of exports remains low as the export forecast for this season increased by 30% compared to last season.