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wdt_IDProductTermsOriginTypeChart Link
1Hazelnuts Natural 11 mm 13 mmFOBGermanyconventional
2Raisins sultanas type 10 grade A standardFOBTurkeyconventional
3Figs, dried, Lerida, No. 1FOBTurkeyconventional
4Apricots, dried, unsulphured, No. 2, organicFOBTurkeyorganic
5Apricots, dried, unsulphured, No. 1FOBTurkeyconventional
6Apricots, dried, sulphured (2000 ppm), No. 1FOBTurkeyconventional
7Sunflower kernels confectionFOBBulgariaconventional
8Sunflower seeds striped bird feed gradeFOBBulgariaconventional
9Figs, dried, natural, No. 1FOBTurkeyconventional
10Raisins sultanas type 9 grade A standardFOBTurkeyconventional
11Raisins sultanas grade A type 9 standard organicFOBTurkeyorganic
12Raisins sultanas type 8 grade A standard Turkey FOB TurkeyFOBTurkeyconventional
13Apricots, dried, unsulphured, No. 2FOBTurkeyconventional
14Apricots, dried, unsulphured, No. 3FOBTurkeyconventional
15Apricots, dried, sulphured, No. 4FOBTurkeyconventional
16Apricots, dried, sulphured (2000 ppm), No. 8FOBTurkeyconventional
17Apricots, dried, sulphured (2000 ppm), No. 7FOBTurkeyconventional
18Apricots, dried, sulphured (2000 ppm), No. 6FOBTurkeyconventional
19Apricots, dried, sulphured (2000 ppm), No. 5FOBTurkeyconventional
20Apricots dried sulphured 2000 ppm No. 3FOBTurkeyconventional
21Figs, dried, natural, No. 7FOBTurkeyconventional
22Figs, dried, natural, No. 6FOBTurkeyconventional
23Figs, dried, natural, No. 5FOBTurkeyconventional
24Figs, dried, natural, No. 4FOBTurkeyconventional
25Figs, dried, natural, No. 3FOBTurkeyconventional
26Figs dried natural No. 2FOBTurkeyconventional
27Figs, dried, Lerida, No. 7FOBTurkeyconventional
28Figs, dried, Lerida, No. 6FOBTurkeyconventional
29Figs, dried, Lerida, No. 5FOBTurkeyconventional
30Figs, dried, Lerida, No. 4FOBTurkeyconventional
31Figs, dried, Lerida, No. 3FOBTurkeyconventional
32Walnut kernels light quarters pieces organicFOBHungaryorganic
33Walnut kernels light quarters piecesFOBHungaryconventional
34Walnut kernels light halves 80 organicFOBHungaryorganic
35Walnut kernels light halves 80FOBHungaryconventional
36Walnut kernels light halves 30FOBHungaryconventional
37Walnut kernels light amber halves 80FOBHungaryconventional
38Walnut kernels light amber halves 30FOBHungaryconventional
39Pumpkinseed kernels Styrian type oil gradeFOBHungaryconventional
40Corn red feed gradeFOBHungaryconventional
41Blue Poppyseed 99,9FOBSpainconventional
42Blue Poppyseed 99,9FOBHungaryconventional
43Walnut kernels light amber quarters piecesFOBHungaryconventional
44cumin seeds grade A 99FOBIndiaconventional
45Coriander seedsFOBIndiaconventional
46Chilli dried long red stemlessFOBIndiaconventional
47celery seeds 99 purityFOBIndiaconventional
48cardamom green 8mmFOBIndiaconventional
49Turmeric finger Salem double polished A gradeFOBIndiaconventional
50mustard seeds yellow micro sortexFOBIndiaconventional
51mustard seeds yellow bold sortexFOBIndiaconventional
52mustard seeds brown micro sortexFOBIndiaconventional
53ginger dried NUGCFOBIndiaconventional
54flax seeds brownFOBIndiaconventional
55fenugreek seeds 99FOBIndiaconventional
56fennel seeds grade A 99FOBIndiaconventional
57Dill seeds 99.95 sortexFOBIndiaconventional
58Turmeric finger Nizamabad double polished A gradeFOBIndiaconventional
59sesame seeds natural 99,95 sortexFOBIndiaconventional
60sesame seeds hulled 99.95 sortexFOBIndiaconventional
61Raisins golden grade AAFOBIndiaconventional
62Raisins brown grade AAFOBIndiaconventional
63raisins black grade AAFOBIndiaconventional
64pepper black 550 g/lFOBIndiaconventional
65peanuts java 60 70 FOBFOBIndiaconventional
66Wheat milling gradeFOBHungaryconventional
67Wheat feed gradeFOBUkraineconventional
68Sunflower seeds black oil gradeFOBHungaryconventional
69Rape seedsFOBHungaryconventional
70Milling wheat grade B FCAFOBHungaryconventional
71Feed wheat FCA HungaryFOBHungaryconventional
72Wheat milling gradeFOBUkraineconventional
73Sunflower seeds inshellFOBChinaconventional
74Sunflower Kernels Confectionary grade 99.95 purityFOBChinaconventional
75Sunflower seeds black oil gradeFOBBulgariaconventional
76Sunflower kernels confectionary 99.95 purity organicFOBChinaorganic
77Sunflower kernel bakery Purity 99.95FOBChinaconventional
78Soybeans Non Gmo organicFOBChinaorganic
79Soybeans Non-GmoFOBChinaconventional
80Sorghum whiteFOBUkraineconventional
81Sorghum redFOBUkraineconventional
82Rape seedsFOBUkraineconventional
83Pumpkinseed kernels shine skin grade AAFOBChinaconventional
84Oat feed gradeFOBUkraineconventional
85Mung beans 3.8mm up organicFOBChinaorganic
86Mung beans 3.8mm upFOBChinaconventional
87Millet inshell yellowFOBUkraineconventional
88Millet inshell redFOBUkraineconventional
89Lentils green small organicFOBChinaorganic
90Lentils green smallFOBChinaconventional
91Flaxseeds brown 99.9 purityFOBUkraineconventional
92Corn yellow feed gradeFOBUkraineconventional
93Barley feed gradeFOBUkraineconventional
94Apricots, dried, unsulphured, No. 5FOBTurkeyconventional
95Apricots, dried, unsulphured, No. 4FOBTurkeyconventional
96Apricots, dried, unsulphured, No. 4, organicFOBTurkeyorganic
97Apricots, dried, unsulphured, No. 3, organicFOBTurkeyorganic
98Adzuki beans 5.0 mm upFOBChinaconventional
99mustard seeds brown bold sortexFOBIndiaconventional
100Pumpkinseed kernels shine skin grade AA organicFOBChinaorganic
ProductTermsOriginTypeChart Link

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