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Oil Seeds Prices In Ukraine Have Risen Significantly.

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ODESA: This week, trade intensified in the Ukrainian market, and processors had to increase their purchase price of sunflower. The reason was a  sharp rise in vegetable oil prices over the past ten days as well as restraining sales by farmers.

In Ukraine, prices for sunflower added UAH 500-1000 / t to UAH 19,500-20,000 / t ( 720-730 $ / t ) with delivery to the plant.

Many processors have prepared for such a situation and purchased sufficient stocks of raw materials in December. They are in no hurry to raise prices sharply now, but the rise in sunflower oil prices continued. Prices for sunflower oil rose by 30-40 $ / t to 1370-1400 $ / t FOB. It will definitely support sunflower prices in the nearest future.

Rapeseeds stocks in Ukraine are already quite small, and most processors have stopped buying them. Nevertheless, its purchasing prices also went up by 10-20 $/t and reached the level of 670usd/t in the ports.