Chinese Small Lentil: The Market Enters a Quiet Period

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TIANJIN: Market participants reported that the stock of lentils produced in China was insufficient, and despite the sluggish market, prices did not drop significantly. It is predicted that the export market will hardly improve in the early Spring Festival, and the market will be dominated by domestic trade orders. The domestic market is affected by lentil imports from Canada and Turkey, making domestic lentils uncompetitive. Export orders can not meet the production needs of exporters, and enterprises are in trouble. Most manufacturers conduct domestic and foreign trade at the same time. The domestic market is dominated by wholesalers, canners and food factories, and traders mainly rely on low-cost imported lentils to meet their production needs. In terms of prices, farmers have no willingness to sell at low prices, and prices are stable. Traders predict that the market downturn will continue. Pay attention to the sea freight and price changes in the production area.

Current Market Price in China for small lentil

Product name Chinese Small Lentils
Colour Green
Quality Grade A
Purity 99.5 %
Package 25 kg PP bag
Crop 2020
MOQ 22 Tons
Price Usd 1550-1590/mt